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Meditation For Complete Connection

Meditation For Complete Connection

This guided meditation will help you unlock ease in your life through a greater connection to the universe, to yourself, to the planet and to others.

There is a way to reduce the resistance that may be keeping you from experiencing more flow and ease in your connections. Before we can show up fully for others, we must first connect with source and with the layers of ourselves. In this guided meditation, Natasha, founder of Fullove Foods, walks through the natural order of connection needed for you to connect more fully with all the energies that surround you.

Step 1: Connect to the universe.

With your palms open and facing the sky, get into a comfortable seated position and rest your hands on your lap. Begin to have a conversation with the universe (or however you refer to a higher source). Gently speak to it, and listen for its answer. The universe begins the hierarchy of all energies. Allow the magnitude of the infinite resources of the universe to sink in. The universe is abundant, and it is always supporting and caring for you. As you tune into that which is calling you, begin to open yourself up to the infinite possibilities that come with channeling this universal energy into your life. If anything in your day-to-day life contradicts or compromises what you have received from the universe, then it does not align. This is the highest truth. Thank it for always being there for you, for guiding you, and for bringing you perspective.

Step 2: Connect to your divine.

Place one of your index and middle fingers on the center of your forehead while your other hand continues to rest on your lap as it faces the sky. Your divine self is your personal highest being. It converses closely with the universe. It’s the part of your being that inherently knows the truth, without the need to reason, judge or justify. This is through intuition, connection to your essential self and intimate conversation with the universe. When you find yourself really immersed in the variable feelings, intense emotions, or apparent problems that present themselves in your life, know that this divine part of you is always watching and guiding you. Thank it for always being there for you, for guiding you back to your soul, and for bringing you perspective.

Step 3: Connect to your human self.

Rest one or both of your hands over your heart. Feel your heartbeat and other sensations of your physical body, gently applying pressure if you desire. Your human self is the part of you that just feels. Whether positive or negative, your human self feels it all. This is the part of you that is imperfect, silly, quirky and 100% raw. Feel whatever comes up from this part of you. Do not suppress or resist any feelings. Gently hold your human self and tell it that everything is going to be okay. It is safe, and no matter how hard life can be, it is doing a good job. Thank it for always being there for you, for showing up exactly as it is, and for bringing you perspective.

Step 4: Connect to your body.

Position your hands on your chest, your gut and your womb. Your body is the sensory receptor that experiences the events of your day-to-day life. Use your hands to calm your nervous system and to check in with what’s carried in each center. Grief is stored in your chest. Send it warmth and love. Intuition and bodily intelligence lives in your gut. Recognize it for its guidance. Your womb is the center of all creation. Honor it for it’s tremendous powers. Thank your body for continuously showing up for you so you can live out this life according to your own desires.

Step 5: Connect to the planet.

With your hands on the ground, connect to the earth. Living on planet earth and getting to experience its beauty every day is a blessing, one that has been freely given to us by mother nature. Feel the unshaking, ancestral power that radiates from the ground. Let it move into you and through you, and rest in the assurance that you and the earth are one and the same. Thank this planet for being abundant in resources, lessons and gifts that elevate us together.

Step 6: Connect to other people.

Finally, set your hands in a “prayer” position together at your third eye center and your chest. Recall the many relationships in your life and connect to those all around you. As important as these relationships are, they should never interfere with any of the previous categories. Connecting with people is not last because others are in any way less important to your overall wellbeing. It is about respecting the universe, yourself and your environment before you consider those around you. If any relationships do not allow for the previous categories to be peaceful and content, then that relationship is out of alignment with the universe’s will for you. You must honor yourself and the will of the universe first. Deeply honor and respect all of those with whom you are connected, both chosen and bestowed upon you, and allow for the lessons and joys that flow from them to fill and serve you. Only then can you give from a sound and unconditional place to those around you. Thank your relationships for their complexity, for their many teachings, and for their innumerable joys.