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The Full Life Friday: Emotional Lifecycle

The Full Life Friday: Emotional Lifecycle

The only way to get through difficult emotions is to let them run their entire lifecycle.

What if next time a significant event happens in your life, you feel an emotion in your body? 

That’s it.

Something happens, and you feel a feeling in your body. You don’t enlist your mind to interrogate that feeling with leading questions. You don’t entertain your ego when it tries to warp that feeling into a story. You simply let the feeling be.

Our emotions are just that. Feelings. When we allow ourselves to actually experience the emotion and not the story that our minds and egos create about it, we experience the clarity that we crave. Next time you are met with a new emotion in response to whatever life circumstances you are experiencing at that time, resist trying to “make sense” of it. This is just another form of attachment to how our past has conditioned us to view the world. When you lean into that feeling with gentle curiosity and acceptance, and you open yourself up to the new insights and experiences that the universe longs to show you on the other side of that wonder. 

The reality is that our critical thinking only gets us so far. Suppose that you are able to sufficiently rationalize the situation and resulting emotions. The feeling still exists in the body, and it will be there for as long as it deems necessary. This is where it can breed and run its full cycle long after the external circumstances that prompted it. 

Our role is simple: If we desire to be free from these feelings, then we must sit with it through its entire cycle. If we ever want to take the golden nugget of wisdom that comes from any difficult emotion, then we must let it flow through the body freely and fully. 

Emotions may be complex, but they are not complicated. Approaching emotions this way may not be easy, but it is simple. Don’t let your mind convince you otherwise.