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The Full Life: Inner Strength

The Full Life: Inner Strength

We are already equipped to face our fears and overcome hurdles along our paths. As you channel a warrior mentality, you unleash your inner strength.

This is the year of warrior mentality. Get rid of the idea that a warrior must look like a large, looming figure clas with armor from another time because being a warrior is a lot simpler than that. It’s not about how much metal you’ve put on to protect yourself. It’s about your mentality.

To be a warrior means to make a decision. That’s it. No more qualifiers necessary.

The word decision comes from the latin word decidere, which literally means “to cut off”. This means that making a decision means eliminating all other possibilities. Therefore, there is no such thing as a “firm decision” versus a flexible decision. A true decision can be nothing other than firm, permanent and precise. As I develop a warrior mentality of my own, I am reminded that warriors commit to their decisions no matter what happens and for however long it takes.

I will always be mentally tough. I will not let life drag me down. I will not break beneath pressure. I may bend, but I will adjust. I will be patient and understanding. I will not let my limited perception control the way I experience the world and events around me. Tragedies will make me stronger. Failures will fortify me so that I more easily overcome the next hurdle in my path.

May this encourage you to act with the complete determination that the soul can be challenged, but it can never be compressed. This will bring tremendous peace because you know that you can never be compromised. Always try once more, with determination and lightheartedness, no matter how many times you have failed.

Each turn of life is a scene in God’s drama, and we are willing participants. Listen to the little tests in life - they are guiding you to your purpose and your power. You don’t escape tests by running away from them. You must face them because they were divinely chosen for you, and only you, to experience and conquer.

Problems are not to be feared. They are to be embraced and quenched with the full evolution and juiciness of all that life brings.