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The Full Life: Live Fearlessly

The Full Life: Live Fearlessly

Overcome analysis paralysis when you release attachment to outcomes and lean into whatever scares you. When you run towards your fear with courage, abundance beyond your wildest imagination awaits.

What we call perfectionism is often fear masked in socially justifiable excuses. But here's the thing: your reality is already perfect, exactly as it is happening. Everything in your life is unfolding exactly as it ought to. So get our of your own way and live fully, right here and now.

What do you wish for more than anything in the world?

Now, take a deep breath and imagine that your greatest wish has been fulfilled. Get specific! What are you doing? How do you feel? Who are you with?

Here is an even more vulnerable question: why hasn’t your wish already come true?

Unpopular opinion: FEAR.

If you are already well on the way toward making your wish come true, then more power to you! But if you are like me and the majority of people whose dream feels ridiculously out of reach, then taking the necessary steps toward achieving your greatest wish probably feels really damn scary.

“What if I fail? What if I don’t deserve it? What if it’s not as good as I hope it will be?


Regardless of which “What if?” has kept you playing small, fear is the most likely culprit that’s been causing you to ask such self-defeating questions in the first place.

Here’s the thing. Life is only scary when there's something attached to it, and our dreams are only scary when we are attached to them. The reality is that expectation is the only thing we should really fear.

Nothing is more perfect than life exactly how it's happening. It’s perfect because it is reality. Whether or not we choose to experience our present reality as this perfection is completely up to us.

Whenever we have an incessant need for or attachment to a certain outcome, then that outcome is not and never will be what’s right for us.

The greatest wish we can have for ourselves is to live fearlessly. Think about it. Without fear, then whatever you imagined as your greatest wish would already be fulfilled (at pretty damn close).

So relieve yourself of the false sense of control that gives rise to fear. The brain is great at going into scarcity mode when it feels scared, and panic mode when it feels threatened. But these feelings themselves are a figment of our imagination because we are naturally always provided for, free from attachment and filled with ease.