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The Full Life: You Are Enough

The Full Life: You Are Enough

Discover how to silence your inner critic and fully step into yourself when you separate your thoughts from your essence.

Just as the mind can be our greatest asset, it can also be our greatest enemy. Our thoughts may say we are messing up, but we are not our thoughts. You are more qualified than you know. You are stronger than you can fathom.

“It’s you.”  

Be completely honest—what emotions came up for you when you read this? In what kind of situation do you imagine someone saying these words to you? How do you feel?

“It’s you” could very well be congratulatory words to the winner of a competition, or encouraging words to someone who is destined to make the impact they desire to see in the world. But for me, these words bring up feelings of inadequacy. Somewhere along the way, I convinced myself that I am the cause and effect for the negative experiences in my life. For whatever reason, I have long associated these words with the dreaded nightmare of finally being called out for being unqualified.  

Whether or not these words have had the same negative connotation in your life, know this: you are not messing everything up. You are not unfit for the task at hand. You are not an imposter. You are not alone.  

Just as the mind can be your greatest asset, it can also be your greatest enemy. You are not your mind. The ego loves to use the mind as a mouthpiece to voice its insecurities and fears so that it can stay in its comfort zone and keep you playing small. Thankfully, you are so much more than your mind and can silence it any time its thoughts do not serve you. 

Notice when your mind is playing these games and actively choose not to participate. In these moments, hold your chest, hold your heart and breathe your way back to who you truly are. 

We are here to live fully, and you are already full of everything that you need to live a complete life.  

You are absolutely qualified. Younot only possess, but you embody, every resource you need to get this done. You are doing enough. You show up enough. You are enough.