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The Surrender Experiment The Beauty And Joy Of Letting Go

The Surrender Experiment The Beauty And Joy Of Letting Go

"How could I possibly explain the great freedom that comes from realizing to the depth of your being that life knows that it's doing?" Discover our key learnings from a book on life's miracles, life's will, and life's magic when we fully surrender.

The concept of surrender was completely foreign to me until just one month ago. I had heard that resistance is what causes suffering, not the actual event or circumstances themselves. Since surrender is the opposite of resistance, then it must be the key to reliveing suffering, right? However, I had not understood until recently that the beauty in surrendering is not that it releases us of hardship. Rather, it allows us to experience inexplicable joy

Michael Singer explores his journey with surrendering to the forces of life and all the miraculous events that come with it in The Surrender Experiment: My Journey Into Life's Perfection. His journey begins with his desire to quiet the voice in his mind. His initial encounters with meditation then bring him to a place of solitude to better connect with the stillness that exists within himself. Yes, the very stillness that exists within all of us. Later, he discovers that true quieting of the mind comes from mentally stepping into chaotic, visceral, life-like situations and then asking it to still stay silent. This is what he calls surrendering.

In Singer's words, "At some point there's no more struggle, just the deep peace that comes from surrendering to a perfection that is beyond your comprehension."

This concept permeated my every move, my every thought through the entirety of the weeks in which I read this book. Here are some of the main teachings and insights that came to me during that time:

• Life is never as scary as we make it to be in our heads. When we flow with the motions of life, we naturally come to the perfect solution. Our souls go untouched when we surrender to the moment, and realize that we are always okay. .

• We are all deeply capable of surrendering. In fact, my subconscious now craves the freedom that comes from constant surrender.

• Nothing is ever too difficult to surrender to. If we think it is, then that's resistance talking, not reality.

• When we truly surrender, we meet our own innate resilience.

• When we surrender and follow the energy of life, we become engulfed in the magic of life.

• When we surrender, we feel the love that flows from the universe directly to us and through us.

• When we are faced with hard situations, we must simply look to see what is being asked of us by the situation unfolding.

• The universe has more glorious plans for us than we can ever imagine. It is our job to make way for them to take place.

I am deeply grateful for this book. It has opened up another world within me and has given me the tools to expand myself and those around me. I hope that you will flip through the pages and discover what it can do you for you, too.

With Joy,