Bangin' Banana Bread Pudding

Bangin' Banana Bread Pudding

Get ready to fully immerse yourself in this simple, yet challenging, spin on traditional bread pudding and banana bread. And just in time to make your friends go bananas for the next holiday potluck!

Whether you want to impress your dinner guests with this crowd pleaser or treat yourself to a healthy dessert in the comfort of your home, the Fullove Bangin Banana Bread Pudding is sure to deliver! Preparing it is fun and simple, but we never said it would be easy. So get ready to fully immerse yourself in this fun bread pudding and banana bread hybrid! 

First, gather your main ingredients:

1 full loaf of fullove bread

Keto for a softer, more custard-like taste

Paleo for more crispyness and distinct bread consistency 

3 tablespoons of ghee

4 eggs

1 banana

⅔ cups milk or milk alternative

⅔ cup coconut sugar and brown sugar

2 tsp vanilla

2 tsp cinnamon 

½ bar of dark chocolate to sprinkle on top 

2 tbsp miso caramel


Now, let's get creative in the kitchen!

(1) Cut the slices into squares of 4 

(2) Place bread cubes in loaf pan, and place on chunks of ghee. 

(3) Blend together the rest of the ingredients except for dark chocolate and pour this mixture over the bread. There should be enough to cover most of the pieces, with a few corners of bread sticking out. Generally, you want the bread to be covered so it doesn’t burn in the oven. 

(4) While the bread is absorbing the egg mixture, chop up the dark chocolate chucks and stick them between the pieces of bread. 

(5) Bake on 350 F for roughly 40 minutes.  


Fullove Tip: The bread pudding is ready when it seems that the mixture is no longer liquidy, meaning the eggs have cooked through. Keep an eye to make sure the bread corners aren’t getting too brown.

Now, enjoy your finished product! Don't forget to take a bit yourself before you invite your friends over. It's so delicious that you might not get to enjoy it otherwise!