a note from our founder

For most of my life, I’ve had to be extremely conscious about what I put into my body just to avoid health complications. Unable to digest the popular foods of my peers, I often felt judgment. It was as if my body had forced a wedge between everyone else and me. I was confident in what I needed to do for my health, but I’ve watched others suffer beneath this judgment for dietary needs.

This spurred my commitment to putting my health and wellness first.

I wish I could say that at this point, I fell in love with healthy foods and never looked back. There was another issue: the health conscious community I discovered told me to remove pleasant flavors, textures and aromas from my diet if I wanted to heal my body.

Were struggling to digest common foods or eating soggy, tasteless bread for the rest of my life really the only two options?

It took me two years to go fully gluten and dairy free and an additional 3 years to fully eliminate grains and refined sugar from my diet. Ultimately our body listens to the narrative we chose to adopt. This is where I chose to adopt the 'Full Of' mindset. Finding incredible options became my mission. I knew there was a way to live in harmony with what my head knew but my body wanted, I just had to search to find it.

Fullove Foods is a culmination of this journey. This is my personal collection of food that embodies abundant and nourishing qualities. From foods full of outstanding ingredients comes a life that is full of joy, quality, and love.

If you want to achieve your preferred aesthetic goals, I have found this to be essential - ringing in harmony with the food your soul craves, listening to your body's desires, and having an abundant mindset about the benefits your food carries.

Now does that make us rebels or just nature's accomplices? I say that we can be, and should embrace being, both.

From my heart to yours,

Natasha Flores-Makon
CEO & Founder, Fullove Foods

the fullove story

Here at Fullove Foods, we are infusing the restrictive, "bad ingredient-free" status quo of the health foods industry with a celebration of the cuisine that conscious consumers crave. While our products may be free from major allergens and processed ingredients, we highlight the nutrients and nourishing ingredients at the heart of each product.

We embrace the abundance of nutrients, energy, and love found in our carefully selected and health-enhancing ingredients. We seek to honor your commitment to your wellbeing by celebrating what health foods are adding to, not taking away from, your life as you navigate your own personal relationship with eating. Like you, we are mindful of our bodies because when we feel our best, we show up full of love!

Fullove Foods believes that truly ushering in a new paradigm of healthy living comes from creating the pleasure you experience when eating your favorite comfort food in each of our healthy products. We never sacrifice taste, texture, smell or aesthetics so that we can uphold our promise to facilitate an incredible experience that enables you to truly revel in each and every bite.

We see you. We hear you. And we welcome you full of love.